London Public School Stripped Of Management

One formerly lauded public school in south London is facing that its management be stripped after the school refused to repay £2 million in funds as well as charging students to use its swimming facilities, using an elaborate network of payments and companies.

Funding for the Durand Academy Trust which sees over the school in Lambeth has been notified that its funding will be cut following what the Department for Education called “repeated and significant breaches” of their agreement. Moreover, the school had been criticised for its inability to cut ties with one of its former head teachers, Sir Greg Martin.

This decisions fools a long-running saga involving Martin – who was knighted for services to education in 2013 – and the school’s byzantine commercial structure. Previously, Martin received of £160,000 per year as director of the schools leisure centre which include the rent for property from the school, in addition to Mr Martin’s annual £230,000 salary as the institution’s head.

In a public statement, the academies minister and John Nash said that “serious concerns about financial management and governance”  ultimately led to the notice now being issued.

He added that this decision learn has not been taken lightly but it needed to be done as a way to safeguard the future education of Durand’s students. Likewise, it must be made sure that public money intended for education is managed effectively, according to Mr Nash.

When contacted, the management for the Academy did not respond to requests for comment.

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Magnetic Jewellery Makes A Great Affordable Gift

Magnetic therapy is all the hype today! Because of that, if you’re looking for a unique gift that’s attractive, affordable and last but not least can improve the health of friends or your family, magnetic jewellery might just be what you want!


Trendy Ionic Watches Make A Great Gift

If you give magnetic jewellery as a gift you don’t have to spend a lot of money since a lot of this type of jewellery can be had for just a few dollars.

Despite the low price, magnetic jewellery such as magnetic bracelets and other types of magnetic jewellery can look very stylish and classy today and it goes with literally any taste and fashions style.

Today, you can find magnetic jewellery such as armbands, bracelets or pendants for teens, sports enthusiasts and even for pets! There is even magnetic and ionic cell phone cases and watches in trendy colors that are great to give as a unique gift that will always make an impression.

I always say, why spend a lot of money when it comes to great gift ideas? Often, the affordable gifts that are unique and creative can be a lot better than spending a lot of money on useless things. I haven’t seen anyone yet who was not thrilled when they got fancy magnetic jewellery. Because of that I can definitely recommend it!

“Healthy” Furniture – My Advice

ergonomic-chairsIf you’re thinking about getting new furniture you should think of it as an investment rather than an “opportunity” for you to save some money. Why is that?

Simply spoken, the right (or the wrong) furniture can have a significant effect on your health and well-being.

There is a reason why ergonomics today are very important, be it at the workplace and increasingly more also at home.

With furniture that is ergonomic (or “healthy” furniture, if you will), you can avoid a lot of potential health problems before they can come up. It is a known fact that the wrong furniture can bring on various health issues that can range from simple muscle strains to chronic back pains. Ultimately, modern ergonomic furniture can save you money since it can also boost your productivity along with your overall health.

ergonomicsFortunately, even furniture that adheres and satisfies modern ergonomic standards doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

As with almost anything else you can buy today, you can buy this type of furniture from vendors online. This way you can often save a bit as compared to buying furniture in a retail store.

If you’re looking for a reliable source for good ergonomic chairs in the UK I can recommend Workers and Workstations.

In addition to ergonomic office furniture they can also do workstation assessments and provide other, related services. This can be interesting if you are a business owner and want to have your entire office conform to the latest ergonomic standards.

Get Bargain Properties At Special Auctions

The Irish Post can give you some information on how to get a good deal on real estate. In the recent article, the Irish Post shows how some Britons are getting amazing deals on Irish property using special real estate auctions.

Ireland, according to the article, is now getting flooded by Britons interested in acquiring very cheap property. This is certainly not surprising seeing that at those special real estate auctions in Ireland it is possible to get a cheap 4 bedroom home for as low as €15,000 while a garage in London may cost you as much as €500,000.

Get Free Coupons from Food Companies Just By Asking

The next time you want a great coupon for a product you’d like to save on, just write the company and ask for one.

Most companies keep around “goodwill” coupons for customers who complain about a product or experience.

These coupons tend to be of a higher value than the ones you may find online. If you’d like one of these yourself, send the company a compliment instead of a complaint.

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