London Public School Stripped Of Management

One formerly lauded public school in south London is facing that its management be stripped after the school refused to repay £2 million in funds as well as charging students to use its swimming facilities, using an elaborate network of payments and companies.

Funding for the Durand Academy Trust which sees over the school in Lambeth has been notified that its funding will be cut following what the Department for Education called “repeated and significant breaches” of their agreement. Moreover, the school had been criticised for its inability to cut ties with one of its former head teachers, Sir Greg Martin.

This decisions fools a long-running saga involving Martin – who was knighted for services to education in 2013 – and the school’s byzantine commercial structure. Previously, Martin received of £160,000 per year as director of the schools leisure centre which include the rent for property from the school, in addition to Mr Martin’s annual £230,000 salary as the institution’s head.

In a public statement, the academies minister and John Nash said that “serious concerns about financial management and governance”  ultimately led to the notice now being issued.

He added that this decision learn has not been taken lightly but it needed to be done as a way to safeguard the future education of Durand’s students. Likewise, it must be made sure that public money intended for education is managed effectively, according to Mr Nash.

When contacted, the management for the Academy did not respond to requests for comment.

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